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Established by Robert Gabriel and Hughie O’Donovan in 1981, Gabriel and O’Donovans Funerals is an independent family-run business dedicated to providing a Professional Funeral Service to our community.

We also liaise directly, on your behalf, with all those involved in providing the various elements of the chosen funeral (e.g. church, cemetary, crematorium, florist, newspapers, organist, soloist, caterer).

Gabriel & O’Donovan will be there to help at all times, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, assist you to plan the funeral you want within an agreed and acceptable budget.

We will address any concerns you have about your chosen funeral arrangements as part of our complete funeral service.

We arrange and supervise every aspect of the funeral you yourself have chosen and provide for the care and transportation of the deceased and for appropriate preparation, preservation, and presentation of the deceased.

Gabriel & O’Donovan also pay, on your behalf, all third-party charges, fees and costs associated with the chosen funeral arrangements, assist you in obtaining a Death Certificate and any other necessary documentation, both before and after the funeral.