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For your benefit we have prepared a list of frequently asked questions. Should you require any further information or if you have a question you would like to see here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

When Somebody Dies

It is important to contact the Doctor involved without delay. If the doctor is satisfied as to the cause of death, he/she will issue the Death Certificate. However, if the doctor is not satisfied as to the cause of death, he/she may consult the local Coroner, who then decides if a Post Mortem is required.

Arrangements then have to be made with the Pathologist as to when this can take place. All sudden deaths, accidents etc., will by law be subject to a Coroner Post Mortem. All Post Mortems for the Cork area have now been centralised to the City Morgue at Cork University Hospital. ↑ Back to Top

Selecting A Coffin or Casket

No arrangements can be put in place until clearance has been given and the body discharged, this is normally with 24 hours.

Our showrooms are stocked with the largest selection of Coffins and Caskets in Munster.

We would invite families to come in and choose whatever the think appropriate for their loved one.

All are fully furnished and priced.

Alternatively, we have a brochure available, where all are illustrated in full colour.

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We always stock a large supply of artificial wreaths and floral tributes and can order fresh flowers from our local flower shops.

All the flower shops in our area provide first class floral tributes and can create any special arrangement that you might require. ↑ Back to Top


Removals can take place from the Funeral Home, Residence or Hospital.

A Funeral Homes has space, seating, parking and is fully equipped to deal with all removals. It can be opened to the public or kept private - family only.

Some people like to have the traditional Wake at home. We would advise families to have the deceased transferred first to our Funeral Home to be prepared properly - dressed, coffined - and then returned to the residence where it would remain until Removal time.

Most Hospitals would have a Mortuary for Funeral use. However, most would have rules about times etc., and hospitals would have to be contacted first to arrange same. Most hospitals now insist on embalming. This would have to be done in our Funeral Home and then the body would be returned to the hospital mortuary. ↑ Back to Top


The Church welcomes family participation in the Celebration of the Mass. Readings, Prayers of the Faithful, Offertory, Music etc., can all be done by family members by prior arrangement.

Clergy would normally meet the family prior to the Celebration of the mass to discuss the finer details. Clergy also welcome details of the deceased which helps to make the mass more personal.

Naturally, we are available to offer further advice on the Funeral Mass. ↑ Back to Top

Graves & Burial

If a family plot exists it should be used but proper identification is most important, as a grave will not be opened unless we are 100% sure of its owenership.

If a new plot is required, we can arrange same, depending on the Cemetery or Graveyard involved, not all cemetaries have new plots available, but we can advise of same as we have good knowledge of availability. ↑ Back to Top


If you decide on cremation, we provide a cremation service in conjunction with The Island Crematorium, Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork.

It is a new ultra-modern and up-to-date crematorium.

We can arrange the booking, the service, and arrange all the necessary documentation.

The ashes are normally returned to us, or the family can arrange collection.

The Crematorium is beautifully situated on Rock Island in Cork Harbour and is a haven of peace and tranquility.

For more information visit The Island Crematorium. ↑ Back to Top

Death Certificates

Death Certs can be obtained at the Office Registration of Deaths and Births, Adelaide Street, Cork, or the Local Registration Office where the death occurs. ↑ Back to Top

Post Funeral Hospitality

Most Hotels, Pubs, and Restaurants now cater for Post Funeral Refreshments. Costs are quite moderate and they offer everything from Tea and Sandwiches to Full Dinner. We can advise and recommend places in all areas. ↑ Back to Top

Grants Available

Certain grants are available provided PRSI contributions are satisfied. Credit Unions also provide a new benefit for its members.

Death Grant / Benefits

Lump Sum payable on death of an insured person or of the spouse or dependent child of an insured person. The Grant is paid provided PRSI contributions are satisfied, either on the deceased person’s record or on that of the spouse or parent of the deceased. Only PRSI insurance contributions paid since 1st October 1970 are of value for this grant. Although a number of people may meet the insurance contribution, only one grant is paid in respect of each death.

Payment of Benefits after Death

The scheme enables an adult dependent of a person who dies while in receipt of certain Social Welfare payments to continue receiving the payment for a period of 6 weeks. Where this happens other social welfare payments such as widows’ pensions arising out of the the death will not become payable until the end of the 6 week period. Where to contact: The section of the Department of Social Welfare paying the benefit or the employment exchange in the case of unemployment benefit or unemployment assistance.

Credit Unions

The Irish League of Credit Unions has introduced a new benefit for members, a sum will be paid towards Funeral Expenses. Your local Credit Union will advise you.

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